Day 13 (September 21)

Right now, I have two writing projects on deadline and other than that, I have nothing. After I finish writing for the day, you know what I could do?


For the first time in nearly two decades, I am my own person. I could even be writing from anywhere. That's the benefit to being a freelance writer that freelance writers tell ourselves when we notice we still haven't got the money for our own island. And yet, every morning I wake up, I write jokes in the same place, I work out the same way, I eat a carb and drink a caffeine...please. I eat the same carb and drink the same caffeine. Even dumpster rats would look at me and say "Honey, you gotta mix it up." Then the day becomes a haze of words and keeping the foster kittens off the keyboard and falling asleep briefly mid afternoon. The next thing I know, it's dark and I'm no closer to the transcendent change I promised myself. I know that in October I have an adventure arranged, but there is currently nothing teed up on the other side of it and I can see my habits have their own gravitational pull. If I don't actively change things every day, even a bit, I'm going to get nothing out of this time. There is no carbohydrate in the world which will ameliorate that. 

Both projects go in tonight. After that, I have no excuse. 

I'm not saying everything has to change overnight.

But something has to.